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Mexican Sea Salt

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QiVeda Unrefined Colima Sea Salt (Premium Fine Grade Mexican Sea Salt) All Natural, Organic, Gourmet, Kosher - 170g (6oz)

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  • UPC: 645953395157
  • Marke: QiVeda
  • Größe: 6 Ounces
  • Hersteller: QiVeda

  • Our Mexican Sea Salt is carefully harvested in the traditional way from the ancient salt beds of Colima once used by the Aztecs. Prized for centuries for its exceptional mineral content and culinary excellence, it can also be used for your health. Natural sea salt, especially our Colima Salt is essential for regulating cellular function and delivering trace minerals absent from table salt.

    • Irresistible Crunch!
    • Full Spectrum of Minerals!
    • QiVeda Delivers the Best Nutrition from Around the
    • We Search High and Low for the Best, So You Don't Have

    Aztec Coarse Unrefined Sea Salt 100% Natural Gourmet Kosher, 8oz

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  • UPC: 885710170508
  • Marke: AztecSeaSalt
  • Größe: 1
  • Hersteller: Salt Revolution

  • Did you make the mistake of thinking sea salt was bad for you? Well, now you can enjoy salt again but not just any salt. The good stuff, unrefined sea salt. Aztec Coarse Sea Salt is organically harvested in small batches by hand. This coarse sea salt is meticulously skimmed off the surface of the briney water after it has been naturally filtered through an ancient aquifer, where the salt is collected using ancient techniques that have been around since the Aztec Indians. The unrefined sea salt crystals are separated and bagged to bring you the best salt possible, packed with 80+ essential minerals. Forget about Himalayan Pink Salt, this salt is better for you, and fortified with over 8...[Read More]

    • ORGANICALLY HARVESTED NATURAL & UNREFINED SEA SALT; Limited by seasonality, Order Now While Supplies Last. 80+ ESSENTIAL MINERALS; Minerals Your Body Needs for Good Health. Forget what you have heard,
    • JUST PENNIES A PINCH, COARSE SALT; This Rock Salt Is So Flavorful, You Use Less. One Bag Of Our Organic Sea Salt Lasts
    • SUPPORT LOCAL ECONOMIES; Hand Harvested unrefined sea salt in Small
    • 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE; You don't like it, we will give you your money back. Full Refund, NO Questions

    Amorcito Corazon Sea Salt 1.54 lb natural

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  • Hersteller: amorcito

  • Sea Salt naturally harvested from the Mexican coast of Colima.

      Altamar Sea Salt 400g bag, Mexican Gourmet Salt, Organic and Kosher Certification

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    • Marke: Altamar
    • Hersteller: Productos Aviles

    • Our salt is derived from Mexican coasts, its organic process allows it to retain more than 84 minerals that are favorable for people who like to take care of their health. The difference between being organic is the industrial process that is used to manipulate the product, the organic process does not contain any chemicals, therefore it allows the minerals and nutrients that favor the health of the consumer to be conserved.

      • Altamar Sea Salt 400 grams
      • Organic Sea Salt from Mexican
      • Kosher Salt

      Sal Real De Colima 2 lb.- Coarse Salt - Sea Salt - Natural - Unrefined Sea Salt

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    • UPC: 876030000255
    • Marke: Don Jose
    • Hersteller: La Villita

    • SAL REAL DE COLIMA 100% NATURAL PRODUCT OF MEXICO - Coarse Salt - Unrefined Sea Salt

      • Coarse Salt - Unrefined Sea
      • 100% NATURAL SEA SALT
      • 2 lb.

      SaltWorks El Dorado, Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, 4 Ounce

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    • UPC: 879322008281
    • Marke: SaltWorks
    • Größe: 4 Ounces
    • Hersteller: Saltworks, Inc.

    • Mesquite smoke is a natural partner to spice-heavy BBQ rubs and sauces due to the strong, straightforward flavor. When used to smoke our all-natural sea salt for SaltWorks El Dorado Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, the real mesquite wood imparts an intense, savory flavor that is great for the BBQ, but works wonders beyond. Hearty, robust and distinctive, mesquite wood smoke is an inseparable component of traditional Texas BBQ. Punch up the flavor of chicken wings or bacon burgers; sprinkle it on sausage and eggs in the morning; use it in a marinade for your favorite jerky recipe - El Dorado can do more than just season a brisket. Mexican, Tex Mex and Spanish tapas are just a few of the cuisines tha...[Read More]

      • BRISKET, RIBS, HOMEMADE JERKY AND MARINADES all pop with a light sprinkling of El Dorado's powerful
      • COLD SMOKED FOR 48 HOURS using a proprietary technique, El Dorado by Salt Works tastes distinct and
      • PERFECT FOR SPANISH, MEXICAN AND TEX-MEX CUISINE El Dorado brings the taste of traditional slow-cooked pit barbecue to any

      Colima Organic Sea Salt by Sabor a Mexico, Coarse Unrefined 100% Natural Gourmet Sea Salt, 250g/8.8 oz

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    • Marke: Sabor a Mexico
    • Hersteller: Sabor a Mexico

    • Unrefined sea salt is good for you!! Our salt from Colima, on Mexico's Pacific Coast, is truly one of the world's best. Sabor a Mexico Organic Sea Salt is hand harvested in small batches by local artisans who have perfected their trade for generations. The salt crystals are collected and separated by hand, maintaining the over 80 trace minerals. Nothing is added to our salt, and that is why it seems the salt is wet. Our salt needs to be pinched by hand. Do not use a grinder or a shaker. Try our salt, a pinch at a time, with any foods. Try it while cooking, and try it to taste directly on prepared food. It's good for you. It's good for your body. Sabor a Mexico. The Flavors of Mexico...[Read More]

      • REAL ORGANIC SEA SALT. Our salt has over 80 essential trace minerals your body needs. Completely natural. No
      • COARSE, CRUNCHY, HAND-HARVESTED real sea salt, the product of an artisan process with 65% less sodium than conventional table
      • COLIMA SALT IS ONE OF THE WORLD'S BEST sea salt, low in fluoride and iodine. Easy to
      • ENHANCES FLAVORS, brings out the best flavors in
      • IT'S GOOD FOR YOU, It's good for your

      Rokz Design Group Infused Margarita Salt, Lime, 4 Ounce

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    • UPC: 855439000691
    • Farbe: White Yellow
    • Marke: Rokz Design Group
    • Größe: 4 Ounce
    • Hersteller: Rokz Design Group

    • Rokz Design Group Infused Margarita Salt, Lime, 4 Ounce

      • rokz rimmerz combine the finest
      • Natural, flavor infused fine sea salts with real
      • Together, they create the perfect accent for the rim of your
      • For a new twist, dip a lime in the salt and use as a
      • Margaritas will never be the same. rokz, shaking up the

      The Spicy Hot Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler - Perfect as a Gift Set - Reusable Tins & Bamboo Spoon - Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Jalapeno, Garlic Pepper, Cajun, & Curry Salts - 1/2 oz. each, 3 total oz.

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    • UPC: 816812011925
    • Marke: Caravel Gourmet
    • Größe: 1
    • Hersteller: Sea Salt Superstore

    • Turn up the heat in your kitchen, or give a great gift to the hot spice food lovers in your life. This delicious set of six of our best-selling spicy hot sea salts comes in a reusable tin and features samples of these premium Caravel Gourmet spicy sea salts: Hot Curry - A wonderful spicy blend of curry and natural sea salt. Use this salt to enhance your favorite Indian dish. Great with chicken, rice, vegetables, seafood, steak and pork. Spicy Garlic Pepper - A spicy blend of habanero, garlic and red peppers; this salt is great on steak, tacos, beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. Habanero - This blend of natural sea salt and crushed habanero pepper is wonderful for anyone who wants to heat up ...[Read More]

      • BURSTING WITH SPICY FLAVOR: This sea salt sampler brings the heat: Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Jalapeno, Cajun, Hot Curry, and Spicy Garlic Pepper are each blended and infused with pure, solar-evaporated
      • CLEAN, SIMPLE, DELICIOUS INGREDIENTS: These gourmet blends contain only pure ingredients. That's it. These amazing salts are gluten-free, MSG-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and have zero calories, zero carbs, zero fat,
      • GREAT AS A GIFT OR FOR YOU: Each sea salt sampler is packed in a reusable tin, with the set wrapped in another resuable tin box. And the little wooden
      • GREAT FOR ANY DIET: No matter how you're eating these days - Paleo, Vegan, Low-Carb, Dukan, Ultra Low Fat, Atkins, HCG, The Zone, Intermittent Fasting - these infused sea salts
      • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & FREE COOKBOOK: Caravel Gourmet is confident you'll be delighted with the quality of our products and we stand behind every single item. If you're not satisfied is a price comparison system and a shopping portal offering free shopping resources for you, the consumer. Our aim is to offer you a unique shopping experience and help you make smart and informed purchasing decisions.

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